Is your homes heating system reliable? When a home heating system stops working properly, it's easy to panic, especially in the dead of winter. Who will you call to repair your heater, boiler or furnace?

How quickly will they respond to your heating service needs? Is it a minor repair or do you need a totally new central heating installation?

Consider hiring a heating contractor to make sure your home heating system is well maintained and running properly to avoid an emergency heating service call. As you search to find the right HVAC professional, plumber or heating contractor to handle your home or business heating and cooling system, remember to ask for references as well as proof of insurance and locally required licenses.

New heating system installations like radiant heating or installing a new boiler could cost you thousands, but keep in mind you may also save a significant amount on your energy bills with a new more efficient heating system.

Heating: For most people the word heating refers to home heating. While heating may be less of an issue in the most southern portions of the U.S.A., like Florida or Southern California or hot and dry climates like Arizona and Nevada, in places like Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey, heating can be a very serious issue, when it's not working properly in the middle of the winter.

Areas of the country like Houston Texas and Las Angeles California are more likely to have homes that require HVAC service when addressing a heating repair. This tends to require an HVAC contractor, or a heating and air conditioning contractor.

In the north east, more homes are likely to need furnace or boiler repair and replacement services. While "wet heat" is more commonly referring to steam heat or base board heating. Many plumbing contractors in the colder parts of the country also handle oil and gas heating systems. With the rising cost of energy, it is not uncommon for homeowners to search for cheaper, more efficient heating methods.

Some heating contractors specialize in oil to gas conversions. Newer, more energy efficient furnaces and boilers over the long run can often help you save on your energy bills. On a new heating installation or a new addition, more and more people are also looking into radiant heating.